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October 2018. April 14, 2018 11:59 am The official website of the upcoming Dead Rising sequel announces its release date. The game will be published by Deep Silver for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox 360. Our game will come out on December 4. The site includes a number of photos showing some of the game’s other details, including the release time for each console. First of all, it’s important to mention that Dead Rising 2 is very different from the first game. The original had a sandbox-like approach in which players were free to explore the massive mall and go about their daily lives without being strictly confined to certain tasks. Dead Rising 2 has more structure, adding missions and mini-games that will help players grow their role as the protagonist, Chuck Greene. The first act of Dead Rising 2 will be completely separate from the first game. The main character will be in a prison, and the whole idea is to get out of there. Since the game takes place in the same world, they will still be able to go to the mall, buy clothes, and unlock the ability to dress as zombies. Also, during that first act players will not have access to all of the skills and weapons that they had in the first game. This will be particularly evident during the introduction of some of the characters. Instead of running around the mall, players will be fighting all the time. Furthermore, the developers claim that there are more surprises in the game. Since the game will be made available for a variety of consoles, they want to make sure that the first few hours of gameplay are enjoyable. The developers want to avoid the same situation that happened with the first game: players tried to reach the end of the game before finishing the first mission. The wait until November for the game will be a great motivation to keep playing. About Stephen The management team at mPlay is a colorful cast of personalities with a history that spans across the globe. The editorial staff is composed of people who have worked on various outlets such as

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